The most famous geospatial and GIS influencers

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The most famous geospatial and GIS influencers

Geospatial and GIS Influencers

Also in the area GIS And Geodata There are of course numerous GIS influencers who share their knowledge Spread via social media channels and their blogs or websites and inspire people.

Here you will find a list of the most famous GIS influencers with links to their web profiles, so that you always stay up to date.

But first a Twitter list from CARTO, where you can follow 50 well-known GIS and geography influencers with one click: CARTO Twitter Guide 2018.

Top GIS Influencers

  1. Anita Graser

GIS Influencers Anita Graser

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Data Scientist und Open-Source-GIS Expertin Anita Graser works in Austria as an author, data scientist and open source GIS expert in the fields of algorithms, mobility research, open source GIS solutions, geodata analysis and geodata visualization, as well as spatial big data.

She is part of the QGIS team and has been a QGIS PSC member since 2013. She has a total of 13 years of GIS experience.

Anita Graser has published numerous very well-known QGIS tutorials - such as QGIS Map Design * or Learning QGIS * in the form of books. (You can find the complete list here *.) In addition, she teaches distance learning courses at the University of Salzburg for part-time geoinformatics which are part of UNIGIS Tobe offered. You can follow her here:

  1. Ted MacKinnon

GIS Influencers Ted MacKinnon

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Certified Geomatics Specialist

Ted MacKinnon is from Canada and a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field of [GIS] (/ gis-what-is-a-geographic information system), remote sensing, cartography, LIDAR and GPS surveying in the private sector, in the academic field, in non-profit organizations as well as in the public sector. It inspires the younger geodata community to learn more about Canadian geographic information.

  1. Gretchen Peterson

GIS Influencers Gretchen Peterson

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Cartographer, Data Scientist and Product Developer

Gretchen Peterson is a cartographer, data scientist, and product developer at PetersonGIS, and an author in Colorado. She is an expert in the inference and visualization of geodata. Gretchen Peterson also creates maps for Tegola. She has already published books such as Cartographer's Toolkit: Colors, Typography, Patterns * and City Maps: A coloring book for adults * ,

Other well-known "GIS personalities"

24 other well-known GIS experts with links to their Twitter profiles:

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